10 Pictures of Curled Prom Hairstyles


Hair worn in curls is the most popular prom hairstyle (second only to the updo). There’s not just one way to wear hair curls! Check out these pictures of curled prom hairstyles for 10 gorgeous looks. These different curls are all shown on long hair but most will work for medium to shoulder length hair too!



Curls add volume and texture to hair for a beautiful featuring flattering and face framing effect. Notice how in almost all of these looks the curls starts at the chin or below. Adding width around the face isn’t flattering for anyone, plus this makes it easy to do yourself because there is less hair to curl. Even a few ringlets on each side of the face transform straight hair for the big night!


These are all fabulous options for every hair type! If you’ve ever had an updo, you know how many bobby pins you pull out at the end of the night. For heavy, thick hair, updos can be even more uncomfortable so just wear hair down! On the other end of the spectrum, fine and thin hair benefit most from all the volume curls add.

Another detail to pay attention to when deciding on your hairstyle is your prom dress. For a dress with straps, the color should contrast with hair to help those beautiful curls stand out! Or for a strapless or deep back dress, find one that works with the shape of your haircut – like V-cut hair combined with the back of the dress cut into a deep V.

This gallery shows how there is a curly hair down hairstyle that works for every sense of style. If you’re always wearing the latest trends, try loose, wavy curls. For an ultra romantic look, go for ringlet curls. And if you love that vintage glamour, the last picture of Veronica Lake curls is simply stunning.