3 Different Braided Hairstyles for Prom 2014

We were loving the braids last year from prom and this hot trend is still going strong – just check out any recent red carpet or celebrity photos. Plaits can be big or small, part of hair or all of it.

Here are a few gorgeous ways to get the look! Keep reading for pictures of 3 different braided hairstyles for prom 2014.


A braid can be added to any updo of your choice! Here, hair is French braided starts from the opposite part, wraps behind one air, and is tucked into a low bun. The braid adds gorgeous detail…but not too much. If you have low or highlights, the braid will have extra pop!



Braids can be woven into a hairstyle or on top. This lovely look for prom or homecoming has a crown braid worn over side swept bangs and ending in a simple bun. The braid over bangs is such a cool look and you don’t even need bangs to get it! To style side swept bangs, hair just needs to be parted off to one side. The extra length looks falling over one shoulder looks great too.


Last but not least is the subtle but sophisticated braided headband. The plait along the hairline can be small, like above, or larger for thick hair. This is a cute and easy way to add a glam touch to straight hair that doesn’t want to curl. This looks hot with or without bangs, it’s up to you!