3 Updo Trends for Prom 2014!

There are so new and old trends to consider when picking out your hairstyle for prom or any upcoming school dance or formal occasion! New trends include side hairstyles and vintage-inspired looks. Older (just last year) favorites include all hairstyles with braids. Check out these 3 updo trends for prom 2014 for 3 of our favorite looks!


Curly updos are always one of the top hairstyles for prom.  It’s a look that never goes out of style but that doesn’t mean it never gets an update! A huge trend for 2014 is hair worn in loose waves rather than tighter curls. The other shift is shifting updos over to one side, which also styles side swept bangs.


This adorable updo has all of that going on. In addition to being trendy for prom this year, this look can be styled out of almost every hair type. If you have curly or wavy hair, leave that gorgeous natural texture as is! For fine hair, the waves add lots of volume. It’s even an option for medium length hair, though the end result will be smaller in size.


We’ve found yet another way to incorporate pretty plaits into an updo, just like so many celebrities lately! This hairstyle keeps every hair in place beautifully with a teeny tiny French braid going one way along the hairline and another braid going the other way.


There are so many unique updos being created everyday so here’s another one! Hair twisted into a knotted low is a new look with a touch of vintage styling. It would be gorgeous worn with a headband, this year’s must have prom hair accessory, at the front. Wear it with a simple prom dress or something retro!