5 Prom Dress Trends and Our Hairstyle Picks 2014

If you’ve been watching the red carpet lately, you’ve seen all the latest trends in formal wear and hairstyles. Inspiration comes from everywhere, from the big screen to the latest runways. Here are the top 5 prom dress trends for 2014 plus our hairstyle picks to match! These 5 trends apply to all sizes but here are the best prom dresses for curvy girls too.

1. Roaring ’20s

Frock-and-Frill-1920sBetween Downton Abbey, Midnight in Paris, and the Great Gatsby, there is no end to vintage inspiration for the fabulous roaring 20s. The era’s jazz culture, modernity, and growing rights of women was reflected in the fashion. The famous flapper dresses exposed arms and legs for the first time in addition to cutting hair short into that classic chin length bob.

A dress reflecting the decadence and joys of that era is a perfect choice for prom and invites fabulous headdresses, jewelry, and hair to match! This beaded shift dress by Frock and Frill channels that vintage vibe with all that gorgeous Art Deco detail.

Hairstyle to match: This is your chance to don one of the lovely metallic headpieces you’ve seen on TV. They work best with a vintage-inspired hairstyle. Watch your favorite show to show to get inspired and find a look to show your hair dresser! If you already have a bob, you’re already set! Just wear it extra smooth and shiny for the big night.


2. Peek-a-Boo Lace

Full-Lace-Embroidered-Cocktail-Prom-Dresses-by-Dave-and-JohnnyLace accents have made a serious comeback in the last years. They add a touch of femininity, a hint of skin, and tons of style. Lace is a gorgeous addition to any prom gown and can be added in the form of a lace overlay, lace neckline, or cute cut outs.

Once only in black and white, lace now comes in every color. Or find it in a metallic like this gorgeous silver lace-topped gown that Taylor Swift wore to meet Prince William. This gold lace prom dress is super glam with lace all over.

Our hairstyle pick: Lace calls for an elegant hairstyle to match. Great options are sumptuous curls or a classic updo.

3. Floor Length

Floor-Length-Strapless-Metallic-Foil-Ruched-Dress-StyleNothing says red carpet like a ground sweeping dress. A floor length will make you feel so glamorous at prom and comfortable at the same time! The only thing to remember is that without a lining or tulle underneath, long dress can bunch in unflattering ways when you’re walking. And we’ve seen enough Miley’s camel toe outline this year so don’t add yours to the mix. All you’ll need is a slip underneath or even a pencil skirt that you already have.

This silver number has flattering ruching throughout the empire cut bodice and then drops down straight to the floor (yes, it’s a bridesmaid dress but that’s a great place to look for prom dresses). In the neckline, the V cut is crystal lined for added detail without showing too much skin. If you want to show a little more leg, find one with a slit up the leg!

Our hairstyle pick: There are two hairstyles that are especially fabulous with floor length ball gowns. The first is obvious – the formal updo. There are so many to choose from. Just find your favorite red carpet photo and ask your stylist. Updos with braids are especially on trend right now.

The second hairstyle for long prom dresses that also comes straight from the red carpet is hair worn down and to one side. This is flattering for everyone and looks even better with dazzling earrings.

4. Peplum Skirts

Boohoo-PeplumThe first time I heard the word peplum I thought it was a hairstyle. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s a fun and flirty ruffle instead that gives everyone those coveted hourglass curves. Usually worn with a structured dress or top, the peplum is stylish, sophisticated, and suitable for every body type, including curvy girls.

A peplum shirt can be worn with jeans or at work. To make it work for prom, find a peplum with some of that wow factor like a metallic, tulle, or even leather fabric. This red Jackie peplum dress fits the bill with a double ruffle, one sheer, cut at an angle that is flattering and different than the usual peplum.

For an ultra dramatic red carpet worthy look, check out this floor length ball gown with a leather peplum!

Our hairstyle pick: These dresses have simple necklines or come in strapless options so this is a great chance to wear hair down in those gorgeous Victoria’s Secret curls. Or for straight hair, get a blow out that adds tons of volume.

5. Off the Shoulder

Shayna-off-the-shoulderStrapless dresses are always in style and ultra flattering but for something fresh, try an off the shoulder dress. This look is delicate and a touch provocative at the same time. Plus you’re channeling all those beloved 80s prom movies (Pretty in Pink!) with a modern update!

This bold choice from Alice and Olivia is cut to perfectly bare the shoulders. The detail is the focal point of the dress and accentuated by leather. The tulip skirt is super cute and flattering. This dress would be great paired with some fishnets or a brightly colored shoe.

Our hairstyle pick: To highlight bare shoulders and your collar bone in this dress, an updo is must. Depending on your dress choice and personal style, choose from classic updos or something more trendy and modern like this fabulous halo braid.

Bonus: Hair Accessories

Prom-Hair-2014-A well put together ensemble has one major focal point with everything else playing backup. One fashion and budget-conscious way to play by these rules is making the star of your prom outfit your hair! Wear a simple dress (one you can wear again) and go all out with the hair. This sequined LBD seems more colorful than black and will be perfect at many more New Years or formal events in the future!

There are so many incredible accessories out there these days including 1920s inspired headpieces, feathers, and bejewelled headbands.