The Best Curly Prom Updo Hair

In the life of a teenage girl, there are not enough occasions to dress like the queen you are. There is Sweet 16, homecoming, and of course prom. What that means is you should make the most of those big days! It’s really helpful to learn how to do a few simple but fancy hairstyles yourself but treat yourself to a professional updo as least once, like this best curly prom updo hair.


Romantic. Flattering. Elegant. What more can you ask for in a hairstyle? That’s way different versions of this gorgeous curly hairstyle are always spotted on the red carpet. With some sculpted side swept bangs, a little pouf, and delicate tendrils, this is a lovely look for all.


While this is one of the prettiest prom hairstyles for long hair, it works for other lengths too! With medium hair, the updo will still have plenty of curls but somewhat less volume. And for curly hair, well you’ve got it made!┬áThe curly updo is one the most lovely prom hairstyles out there!