The Best Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair


For ladies with short hair, finding a perfect prom dress is the easy part. The big question is what hairstyles work for short hair? While the options are limited, there are options. Check out these 3 hot pictures of the best prom hairstyle for short hair!


The popularity of the pixie cut other short hairstyles means there is so much inspiration from Hollywood! Stylish and on trend ladies like¬†Carey Mulligan are wearing cropped locks in a range of formal looks on the red carpet. When hair isn’t long enough to curl, another way to get volume and texture is beachy waves!


If your hair has some natural wave to it, you can get the look by adding a curl enhancing product and drying hair with your fingers to sculpt looks. If you don’t regularly style short hair, visit a blow dry bar to get help from the pros at a reasonable price.


Vintage curls or finger waves are on of the go-to formal hairstyles for short hair. Even better, they are easy to do style yourself! All you need is a strong hold gel to get exactly the wave or curl you’re looking for. For waves, use bobby pins to secure the look while the gel dries.¬†Keep the look from being too crusty by gently brushing or combing hair out. A spritz of hairspray will make sure the curl or waves last all night. Keep going with the vintage theme by wearing a fascinator!


For short hair, adding accessories is one of the easiest ways to transform your haircut from how you wear it everyday. Create the perfect canvas to showcase the accessory of your choice with ultra smooth hair all over. Teasing hair at the back to create some volume also emphasizes the color, texture, or sparkle of a headband of hair clip.


Headbands are huge this year and many work for short hair, including these four fabulous headbands that suit a range of styles and prom dresses.

  1. When in Rome Gold Leaf Headband
  2. Deepa Gurnani Beaded Diamond Side Headband
  3. Feathered Ombre Headband
  4. Sparked Fleur Headband