Curled Prom Hair & How to Use Hot Rollers!

Curled prom hair is gorgeous, romantic, and easy to style yourself! There are so many beautiful ways to wear curls for prom – with curls all over, over to one side, or half up half down.

There are lots of ways to get the look – a curling iron, flat iron, but we also love the old school hot roller method. Here’s how to get the look! Here’s how to curl hair with hot rollers!

What You’ll Need:

How to Use Hot Rollers:

1. After washing your hair, plug in your rollers. While they’re warming up, work mousse through hair, making sure it’s evenly distributed. Then blow dry your hair, using your round brush, and finish with a blast of hot air to the roots with hair upside down to add volume at the roots.

Once hair is dry, set hair with a up to a minute of cold air and a good brushing.

2. Now the rollers will be hot and we’re ready to get rolling! Start along your part closest to your face and grab a thin strand of hair between one and two inches wide (this should correspond to the size rollers you’re using) with a round brush.

Pick up a roller by the edges and pull the ends of hair over the roller. Start rolling and keep going until the roller hits your head and secure it with a clip.

3. Repeat these steps along your part until the top of hair is all rolled up. You can stop here or keep going to curl all your hair. Continue with the layer below until you’re all done. If a few pieces of hair get missed, don’t sweat it. It won’t be noticeable at all or you can use a curling iron to fix it.

4. Now you have 10-15 minutes until the curls set and rollers cool. If you’re heading out, now is a great time to do your makeup. Or check Facebook!

5. When it’s time, begin removing rollers from the bottom layer first. When all the curls are out, set them with a spritz of hairspray. Try Paul Mitchell Finishing Spray or Herbal Essences Flexible Style Hairspray for lots of hold with no stickiness.

If you want super curly hair, don’t comb hair out at all. Otherwise you can gently detangle curls or brush them out. Remember, the curls will fall through the day or night so don’t worry if hair starts off seeming too big.

It takes a little practice to perfect this technique but it’s so worth it for these gorgeous curls! Try rolling hair vertically for some ringlets to mix things up!