Cute Hairstyles for Prom – Wear a Headband!

At prom you want to feel cute and comfortable. There are so many hairstyles to choose from but rather than going for the trends, you should go with what works for your unique style (and of course prom dress)!

If you’re a long haired goddess who goes for simple style and a hint of hippy or boho chic, check out this easy option for cute hairstyles for prom – wear a headband!

Wearing hair down for prom is a lovely option. It’s a look you can easily style yourself (here’s how to get a blowout at home). The best thing about this look is you can make it work for short, medium, or curly hair!

Then the perfect hair accessory makes this hair prom-worthy. Select a color that offsets your hair color or just go for sparkle that matches everything!

Add some extra oomph to the headband by teasing hair on top to add a little volume. There’s a little bump at the hairline and a larger one at the back for a headband for an extra special touch.