Cute Hairstyles for Prom

There are 3 must haves for prom – a hot dress, a sweet date and a beautiful hairstyle! Styling hair to one side is one of the best ways to to wear cute hairstyles for prom!

Here’s how to to get this adorable and romantic look.

There are a few options to wear hair to one side. You can wear hair down and pinned behind the neck or you can pull hair into a side hairstyle. If you want cascading hair (as opposed to the loose messy bun), try out this cute side ponytail for prom!

There are few hairstyles that are as comfortable as they are cute but this is one of them! Start by parting hair to one side and if you want these cute curls, add a few into the bottom hair. If you’re going to add in a fabulous hair accessory like above, clip it into the desired place.

Then, pull hair into a not-too-tight ponytail behind one ear. Finish with one or two more hair ties (that match your hair color) down the length of the pony that keep hair in place. Be sure to leave the curled ends loose.

For another version of this cute prom hairstyle, check out this mermaid-inspired side hair worn down!