Easy Updos for Prom – Hair Wrapped Ponytail

Styling easy updos for prom is all in the details. The hair wrapped ponytail transforms the everyday look into a prom worthy updo! It’s so simple to style.

Just secure the ponytail with an elastic (avoid thick hair bands), grab a small section of hair, and wrap it around. Tuck the ends into the elastic to hide them. This sophisticated hairstyle works for medium to long hair. The longer the hair, the smaller the section that wraps around will need to be.

Fancy ponytails are very versatile and can be worn an almost infinite number of combinations. Here, the ponytail is also dressed up by wearing it way up high and styling the look ultra sleek and straight. Long hair is shiny and healthy worn swept over one shoulder.

Depending on your prom dress, your hair, and the look you’re going for, you could wear the ponytail at the nape of the neck or to the side. For a softer look, add some volume at the crown and cascading curls. Bangs or layers can be swept to the side or curled into ringlets that frame the face.