Formal Hairstyles or Medium Hair: Celebrity Edition

With so many celebrities and models embracing the medium hair trend, there are have been lots more updos, curls, and fancy hairstyles on display at movie premiers, awards shows, and black tie events. This is great news for the rest of looking for formal hairstyles for medium hair that are flattering and on trend! Check out these pictures for the latest looks!


It can seem like medium length hair isn’t long enough to curl but fortunately for women attending weddings and black tie events, that’s not the case. The lovely and talented Elisabeth Moss has a fabulous look with flattering height at the crown and ringlet curls all over. The bouncy curls look amazing on their own or worn with a veil.


Sleek and modern styles are a dramatic formal option for straight medium length hair. While not for everyone, this is a bold and fashion forward look that pairs well with¬†simple clothes. It’s a nod to the slicked back hair that is so popular for men right now but done in an ultra feminine way.

To get this formal medium hairstyle, blow dry hair straight with a volumizing mousse to add some fullness all over. Then rub a lightweight pomade through hair above the temples and comb it back behind the ears. If there are flyaways on top, lightly smooth a touch of product over hair.

Be careful with the amount of product though. While a few models and celebrities have rocked the “wet look”, most recently Hayden Panettiere, it’s just not flattering. A spritz of hairspray will lock it all into place. While this hairstyle could be used to showcase earrings, Rachael Taylor skips them for a fresh-faced finish.


Last we have a kind of¬†updo for medium hair. Brittany Snow‘s hair has some added curl and is pulled over to the side opposite the part. Hair is pinned into place into one of the side hairstyles that are so popular right now. Side bangs are the final flattering touch to this look. This formal hairstyle for medium hair is perfect for any special occasion or bride!