Prom Hairstyles by Hair Type

10 Prom Hairstyles for Curly Hair Pictures


Don't straighten that curly hair for prom! Check out these prom hairstyles for curly hair pictures for 10 gorgeous looks that make the most of natural curl.Wear hair down or up in a ponytail, braid, or gorgeous updo! All these looks are gorgeous with the texture of wavy and curly ... Get the hairstyle!

One Side Prom Hairstyles


Add tons of red carpet glamour to your prom look with a one of the gorgeous one side prom hairstyles! These are perfect paired with any prom dress - strapless, off the shoulder, or with straps.This gorgeous hairstyle works with curled hair and for naturally curly hair. Either way, start with ... Get the hairstyle!

10 Pretty Prom Hairstyles for Straight Hair


Have straight hair that just won't curl? Check out these pretty prom hairstyles for straight hair pictures for 10 different looks!Wear hair down to show off long hair, styled into a updo, or a simple bun or ponytail. For more great hairstyle ideas for straight hair, check out these ... Get the hairstyle!

Easy Prom Hairstyles for Straight Hair


If you have straight hair that doesn't hold a curl, there are plenty of other options for prom! There isn't a rule that says that curls are required formal hairstyles or updos. There are plenty of celebrities that rock hair straight, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Lucy Liu.Hair worn down and ... Get the hairstyle!

Celebrity Hairstyles for Prom


If you can't get the $10,000 red carpet dress for prom, you can always get one of the celebrity hairstyles for prom! This vintage-inspired side hairstyle has been a celeb favorite this year, in movies like Gangster Squad and about town.There's something about wearing hair in voluminous curls ... Get the hairstyle!

Prom Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair

Prom Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, wear it down for prom! You’ll show off your gorgeous locks and stand out in a sea of updos!Wearing hair down is one of the best prom hairstyles for long curly hair!When hair is the focal point of your prom look, everything else should take a backseat ... Get the hairstyle!

Down Curly Hairstyles Prom for Natural Curl


What better way to show off your gorgeous curly hair (and stunning color!) at prom than by wearing it down? Curls are the go to prom hairstyle and you’ve already got it going on!Check out this stunning down curly hairstyles prom!Make sure that curly hair is perfect for prom, try to time ... Get the hairstyle!

Prom Hairstyles for Curly Hair


 If you have curly hair or even a slight wave, there is one obvious prom hairstyle for you - wear it down! So many prom hairstyles involve adding curls to hair but you're already there! Get inspired for prom hairstyles for curly hair!The best prom hairstyles for curly hair make the most of ... Get the hairstyle!

Straight Hairstyles for Prom


What to do with that gorgeous long straight hair for prom? Updos are always an option but gorgeous as they are, all those bobby pins can pull and pinch hair (the discomfort is always worth it though!). If you're more of a free spirited and easy going girl, wear your long straight hair down for ... Get the hairstyle!