Half Up Half Down Prom Hairstyles

Can’t decide between updos for prom and wearing hair down?

Do both! With half up half down prom hairstyles! This gorgeous look combines the glamour of an updo, the romance of long curls, and some of 2013’s hottest hairstyle trends!

Taking inspiration from the oh so popular beachy waves and messy hair, this prom hairstyle is elegant without being overly formal.

This sexily tousled hairstyle looks easier than it actually is…but you could still totally style it yourself! It all starts with gorgeous curls.

Use a wide barrel curling iron, try the clipless Herstyler 3P. And as always when using heated styling tools, protect hair from damage (and seal in curl with) a spray like Got2b Heat Protect ‘N Curl Spray.

Once you’re got your curls, it’s time to get some volume at the crown! Tease a healthy section of hair just behind the hairline and if you want a mini beehive, secure the bump with bobby pins.


Now it’s time for the half up portion of the hairstyle. With a mirror (or a friend), gather the hair you want to pull up from above the ears and keep in place with a barrette or bobby pins for an invisible look.

For this fresh from the beach and ready for prom look, finish up by pulling a wisp of bangs out and hairspraying it into place and very gently fluffing curls.