Prom Hair Styles for Medium Hair

Want a dramatic and different prom hairstyle for medium hair? Go vintage! There is lots of inspiration for curled looks or updos from hairstyles from the 1920s on.

Check out this gorgeous example of prom hair styles for medium hair.

If you’re going to get a fabulous old Hollywood look, do what the stars do and go to a hairstylist! Styling medium hair can be as hard or harder than working with long hair. With less length to work with, it can get tricky and there is less room for error.

A stylist can get you this ultra glamorous look and will make sure your hair looks great all night. In addition, a seasoned professionals can adapt any hairstyle you want to best suit your face shape, work with hair accessories, and complement you prom dress.

The vintage look above features styled side swept bangs, oversized and soft finger waves, and more curls at the back. It can work with any hair that is below chin length.

If you love the look and have long hair, you can get this too! All the curls and coils shorten hair into a totally fabulous faux bob.