Prom Hairstyles for Medium Hair (And Short!)

Not sure what to do hair that hovers around chin length for prom? Here’s one of the most fabulous prom hairstyles for medium hair (or short)! Wearing hair to one side adds a new dimension to your hair and the dazzling hair accessories completes the look!

You can style this cute and easy prom hairstyle for medium length hair with or without bangs! Just part hair deeply to one side and brush hair across the forehead so it crosses the opposite eyebrow. If layers are on the short side, keep hair in place with a bobby pin.

What you do at the back depends on how much hair you have. Medium length hair could be tucked into a messy bun or twisted into a chignon. It’s easy to secure shorter hair with bobby pins so have some fun with it. For short hair, just style hair as usual or sweep longer bangs to the side.

And for the cherry on top, the hair accessory! Find one that complements both the color of your hair and prom dress. Above, the dark royal blue is stunning with auburn hair and a bright blue accents on the dress. Feathers, flowers, or sparkle will all look great!