Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

Looking for prom hairstyles for short hair? Never fear, there are lots of ways to get cropped cuts ready for the big night! Keep reading for how to wear short hair to prom!

Granted, short hair has less styling options than longer versions. The key to the best prom hair then is the cut. You want to time your last haircut just before prom (or even the day of to take advantage of a free blow out and styling). This ensures that your shorter locks are sitting pretty all night.

The best way to wear short hairf is healthy and freshly cut. Just blow dry hair as usual and add a touch of serum for hold and shine. Try Moroccanoil Gold Glimmer Shine Spray for some subtle bling! It may be worth checking out a blow dry bar – it should be cheaper for you and your hair will achieve new heights of volume and body.

Short prom hairstyles are all about your features and accessories. Show it all off! If you want a little extra dazzle, why not add a prom hair accessory?