Prom Hairstyles Trends 2013…Braids!

2012 hairstyle trends have been all about braids, braids and more braids. This means the hottest prom hairstyle trends 2013 will be…you guessed it…braided hairstyles! This low braided side bun (think one half of Princess Leia’s signature look) is easy to style at home. You’ll need shoulder length or longer hair – curly, wavy or straight!

To get this gorgeous braided updo, start with freshly washed, conditioned, and dried hair. If you have curly or wavy hair, leave it that way – braids are beautiful with natural hair texture. Next, part hair on one side (hint: line up the part with the peak of your eyebrow for pleasing symmetry).

Pull hair over to the side you parted it on, just below the ear, and tie it with an elastic. If you have layered hair, you may want to secure loose hair with bobby pins. You could also leaves some wisps free for a soft, tousled look.

Now, you’re ready to start braiding your ponytail. Plait it to the end and again, secure with a hair tie. Grab the beginning of the braid and begin to coil hair into a bun. This version above is worn loose and covering one ear but this may differ based on your preference and hair length. Finish the look by tucking the ends underneath to hide them. Criss cross bobby pins between the bun and hair to keep the braided bun in place all night!