Prom Trends 2014: Vintage Hairstyles and Fashion


Vintage looks are one of the hottest prom trends this year. Whether you’re wearing a thrifted find, vintage-inspired dress, or going modern, a retro hairstyle is the perfect look to set you apart from the crowd. Check out these 9 pictures for vintage prom hairstyles to find your best look!


Never though you would wear a beehive? The ultra high volume sixties style is back and better than ever. No longer reaching conehead proportions, the extra height is fun, formal, and flattering for anyone with wider cheeks or a round face. The always fabulous Emma Stone rocks the look with matching retro makeup.


Victory rolls have been brought back by retro stylistas like Janelle Monáe and Gwen Stefani. These dramatic curls can be worn as bangs, part of an updo, or as the focal point of hairstyle like above. Whichever one you choose, make sure to use a strong hold spray like Elnett Satin to keep hair in place all night.



Next to Marilyn, Audrey Hepburn is the vintage icon to emulate. Her grace, charm, and unique brand of chic never went out of style and are just the thing for prom 2014. This updo is simple and accented only by an ornate barrette, making sure all the focus is on your pretty face with dramatic eyes. Wear it with a matching vintage dress and rhinestones!

Vintage Updos-

Another feature of vintage updos is tucks, twirls, and twists. This fabulous look combines old and new with a retro twisting ending in a trendy braid. This would be a perfect updo to add a headband to, like this gorgeous geometric one from Anthropologie.


Add instant vintage to any look with a carefully selected hair accessory! This wide headband with tiny pink flowers is so sweet and charming. Other fabulous options are metallic headbands, sparkling hairclips, or a colorful fascinator.


The roaring twenties is the vintage era for ladies with medium length hair. If you have a bob cut, wear it curled under with every hair in place. A vintage hair accessory that complements your dress won’t hurt either! For more inspiration check out Carey Mulligan as Daisy in The Great Gatsby and in Midnight in Paris. Alternatively, add some curls!


Thanks to weekly visits to the beauty salon, vintage curls were ultra defined and long lasting. These ringlets are a gorgeous way to frame the face and create a retro style. This curly prom hairstyle should be worn with bold makeup and a simple or strapless neckline.


There are lots of ways to wear vintage curls! If the ultra defined look doesn’t match your prom dress, try this looser version. Combined with kitten eyeliner and bold red lips, adds a retro feel to this modern style.


Defined finger waves are one of the classic vintage looks. They can be added to almost any hair, from short to long and worn up or down. Here, oversize waves add a retro touch to hair worn down in curls. You can also add finger waves to any updo or add a touch of retro charm to short or medium length hair.