Prom Trends 2015: Half Up Hairstyles

If homecoming hair is any indication, one of the top prom trends 2015 is going to be half up-half down styles. We love this look because you get the softness and curls of wearing hair down plus the details and structure of an updo. There are as many half up hairstyles as there are updos so check out these pictures for 8 gorgeous and unique prom hair ideas.


This is a classic prom hairstyle with a twist, literally. Curls are usually the first thing that come to mind when you think of fancy hairstyles and this lovely look down not disappoint. Long hair is styled into romantic ringlets but that’s not all. The half up part of this hairstyle is fashioned from a twists of hair for an invisible finish.


Now let’s get into the many different ways to wear hair half up for prom. This Selena Gomez-inspired look is as pretty as it is sassy. It’s all about volume with a flattering pouf at the crown and loose flowing waves at the back.


We’ve already said that prom 2015 will be all about braids and curls and here’s how to combine the two. All the magic happens at the back of this half up prom hairstyle with braid below a bump of volume and gorgeous mermaid waves.


One of the reasons for the longevity of the braid trend is the many different braided hairstyle options. This crown braid is worn like a headband behind side swept bangs. Hair is teased up a little and the back and cascades over the shoulders in curls.


Here’s another way to style the crown braid. This gorgeous look is a waterfall braid that makes it look like hair flows through the two-strand plait. Rhinestones embedded at the back add to the regal look.


This head-turning prom hairstyle features a rhinestone headband at the front and unique braids at the back. Braids crisscross and hold hair into a high volume pouf. Hair accessories are a fun way to add sparkle or color to any prom outfit so find one that expresses your personality.


This look is similar to the one above but instead of braids, the half up hair is in twists. This subtle yet detailed style shows off gorgeous hair and would be amazing with any hair color, especially ombre highlights that emphasize the difference between twisted hair and curls.


Last but most certainly not least is this Kendall Jenner-inspired half up hairstyle. It’s a formal version of the undercut hair trend without the commitment. Instead of shaving it off, hair above one ear is braided into horizontal cornrows. Or check out more ways to wear the braided undercut for more celebrity styles.

There are so many ways to wear half up hairstyles for prom, it won’t be easy to choose just one. The good news is you will look beautiful in all of these trendy styles so there’s no chance of going wrong.