Simple Prom Hairstyles – Ballerina Bun

Let your stunning prom dress shine by wearing simple prom hairstyles! The sassy lace over nude number is a red carpet worthy show stopper. The key to any put together ensemble is having one stand out feature, so if that’s your dress – let your prom hair take a back seat.

That doesn’t mean doing nothing though! This super shiny and sleek ballerina bun worn with just a touch of volume at the hairline is an elegant choice for this sexy prom dress. The lavish texture of the lace complements the smoothed back bun. Matching black chandelier earring complete the look, drawing even more attention to glowing shoulders and a sculpted collarbone.

Wearing hair up is perfect for drawing attention to a detailed neckline, dazzling jewelry, and perfect makeup. This isn’t your everyday bun but is amped up for prom night with ample shine and not a hair out of place.